Link and Publish your data

to the Linked Open Data Community

Let's organize your favorite research field as Open Science!

You can expect more great discoveries by collecting a large variety of data and knowledge from many people.
You'll be recognized by many people as a leader in your research community and spread your opportunities wider in many areas.

How to organize as Open Science?

  1. Create an open webpage (in this case as a Facebook page) for a research community.
  2. Register applications shared on the LinkData site in the facebook page.
  3. Recruit scientific data and analysis programs openly from LinkData.
  4. Check and choose data to publish from contributed contents and evaluate them within the community.
  5. Collect and analyze high-acclaimed data and publish as an academic study.
If you already have your facebook page, click this button ↓
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If you haven't, do the following steps↓

Create a facebook page and name it with a research subject which you'd like.

Create a Page | Facebook (

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Ex.) the facebook page of "the study of Acid Rain"

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Click the "Register LinkData application to your facebook page." link at the top part of this page.

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※You can use this service when you are logging in LinkData with your facebook account.

If you don't have an account of LinkData, please create the account following the guidance of the screen.

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