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GenoCon2 Challenge A - Developmental conditions




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#lang en
#attribution_name GenoCon_2
#file_name Fruit_Seeds
#namespace SampleDescription
#namespace TAIR_ME00319
#namespace dc
#property RMA-norm unit Gene centering unit reprecate ID TAIR link ID dc:title dc:description germplasm age tissue
#object_type_xsd string string string string string string string string string
#property_context Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion
SampleDescription:ATGE_76 ME00319 ME00319 526: ATGE_76 TAIR_ME00319:487 Col-0_sil3 Col-0age(8 weeks)globular embryo Col-0 8 weeks globular embryo
SampleDescription:ATGE_77 ME00319 ME00319 527: ATGE_77 TAIR_ME00319:488 Col-0_sil4 Col-0age(8 weeks)heart embryo Col-0 8 weeks heart embryo
SampleDescription:ATGE_78 ME00319 ME00319 528: ATGE_78 TAIR_ME00319:489 Col-0_sil5 Col-0age(8 weeks)triangle embryo Col-0 8 weeks triangle embryo
SampleDescription:ATGE_79 ME00319 ME00319 529: ATGE_79 TAIR_ME00319:490 Col-0_seed6 Col-0age(8 weeks)torpedo embryo Col-0 8 weeks torpedo embryo
SampleDescription:ATGE_81 ME00319 ME00319 530: ATGE_81 TAIR_ME00319:491 Col-0_seed7 Col-0age(8 weeks)walking-stick seed Col-0 8 weeks walking-stick seed
SampleDescription:ATGE_82 ME00319 ME00319 531: ATGE_82 TAIR_ME00319:492 Col-0_seed8 Col-0age(8 weeks)early curled cotyledon Col-0 8 weeks early curled cotyledon
SampleDescription:ATGE_83 ME00319 ME00319 532: ATGE_83 TAIR_ME00319:493 Col-0_seed9 Col-0age(8 weeks)early green cotyledon Col-0 8 weeks early green cotyledon
SampleDescription:ATGE_84 ME00319 ME00319 533: ATGE_84 TAIR_ME00319:494 Col-0_seed10 Col-0age(8 weeks)green cotyledon Col-0 8 weeks green cotyledon
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