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#lang ja
#attribution_name Kouji_Kozaki
#property 会議名 論文タイトル オントロジー利用タイプ
#object_type_xsd string string string
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1 ESWC2007Case Studies An experience report in advanced RDF usage 2,5
2 ESWC2007Case Studies SEEMP: a Semantic Interoperability Infrastructure for e-government services in the employment sector 5
3 ESWC2007Case Studies Using and Combining RDF Vocabularies for Expert Finding 7
4 ESWC2007Best Papers Empowering Software Maintainers with Semantic Web Technologies 8
5 ESWC2007Social Semantic Web Knowledge Sharing on the Semantic Web 3
6 ESWC2007 Squirrel: An Advanced Semantic Search and Browse Facility 7
7 ESWC2007 User-centric Faceted Search for Semantic Portals 7
8 ESWC2007 An Approach for Identification of Users' Intentions During the Navigation in Semantic Websites 5?
9 ESWC2007 The Lixto systems applications in Business Intelligence and Semantic Web 9
10 ESWC2007 SALT - Semantically Annotated LaTeX for scientific publications 3,8
11 ESWC2007 What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? Extractinr Semantics from Wiki Content 8
12 ESWC2007 Annotating Relationships between Multiple Mixed-media Digital Objects by Extending Annotea 3
13 ESWC2007 Describing Ontology Applications
14 ESWC2007 Distributed Knowledge Representation on the Social Semantic Desktop: Named Graphs, Views and Roles in NRL 3
15 ESWC2007 On Enriching Ajax with Semantics: The Web Personalization Use Case 1
16 ESWC2007 A Semantic Web Service oriented Framework for adaptive Learning Environments 5
17 ESWC2007 Semantic Composition of Lecture Subparts for a Personalized e-Learning 5?
18 ISWC2006 Augmenting Navigation for Collaborative
Tagging with Emergent Semantics 3
19 ISWC2006 Provenance Explorer ? Customized Provenance Views
Using Semantic Inferencing 5
20 ISWC2006 /facet: A Browser for
Heterogeneous Semantic Web Repositories 2,7
21 ISWC2006 Using Ontologies for Extracting Product
Features from Web Pages 9
22 ISWC2006 Ontology-driven Information Extraction with
OntoSyphon 9
23 ISWC2006 Innovation Detection based on User-Interest
Ontology of Blog Community 9
24 ISWC2006 A Framework for Schema-Driven Relationship
Discovery from Unstructured text 9
25 ISWC2006 Towards Knowledge Acquisition from Information Extraction 9
26 ISWC2006inUse OntoWiki ? A Tool for Social, Semantic
Collaboration 5?
27 ISWC2006inUse Towards a Semantic Web of Relational Databases: a Practical Semantic Toolkit and an In-Use Case from Traditional Chinese Medicine 2,3,4
28 ISWC2006inUse Information Integration via an End-to-End
Distributed Semantic Web System 3
29 ISWC2006inUse NEWS: bringing Semantic Web Technologies into News Agencies 2
30 ISWC2006inUse Semantically-Enabled Large-Scale Science Data
Repositories 2,3,4
31 ISWC2006inUse Construction and Use of Role-ontology for
Task-based Service Navigation System 2,5
32 ISWC2006inUse Enabling an Online Community
for Sharing Oral Medicine Cases
Using Semantic Web Technologies? 2?
33 ISWC2006inUse EKOSS 5
34 ISWC2006inUse Ontogator ― A Semantic View-Based Search
Engine Service for Web Applications 2
35 ISWC2006inUse Explaining Conclusions from Diverse Knowledge Sources 5
36 ISWC2006inUse Active Semantic Electronic Medical Record 5
37 ISWC2006inUse A Mixed Initiative Semantic Web Framework for Process
Composition 2
38 ISWC2006inUse Semantic Desktop 2.0: The Gnowsis Experience
39 ISWC2006inUse Towards Semantic Interoperability in a Clinical Trials Management System 5
40 ISWC2006SWC Foafing the Music: Bridging the semantic gap in music recommendation 7(推薦)
41 ISWC2006SWC Semantic MediaWiki 5
42 ISWC2006SWC MultimediaN E-Culture demonstrator 7,8
43 ISWC2006SWC A Semantic Web Services GIS based Emergency Management Application 5
44 ISWC2005 Semantic Browsing of Digital Collections 2,5
45 ISWC2005 Semantically Rich Recommendations in Social Networks for Sharing, Exchanging and Ranking Semantic Context 9
46 ISWC2005 Piggy Bank: Experience the Semantic Web Inside Your Web Browser 4
47 ISWC2005 An Ontological Framework for Dynamic Coordination 5,8
48 ISWC2005 Introducing Autonomic Behaviour in Semantic Web Agents 5
49 ISWC2005 A Little Semantic Web Goes a Long Way in Biology 8
50 ISWC2005 Provenance-Based Validation of E-Science Experiments 8
51 ISWC2005Industrial Semantic Service Integration for Water Resource Management 5
52 ISWC2005Industrial Enterprise Architecture Reference Modeling
in OWL/RDF 5
53 ISWC2005Industrial MediaCaddy - Semantic Web Based On-Demand Content Navigation System for Entertainment 7(推薦)
54 ISWC2005Industrial LKMS ? A Legal Knowledge Management System Exploiting Semantic Web Technologies 7
55 ISWC2005Industrial Definitions Management: A Semantics-Based Approach for Clinical Documentation in Healthcare Delivery 5,8
56 ISWC2005Industrial Ubiquitous Service Finder Discovery of Services Semantically Derived from Metadata in Ubiquitous Computing 7
57 ISWC2005Industrial Ontological Approach to Generating Personalized User Interfaces for Web Services 5
58 ISWC2005Industrial An Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Situation Awareness 5
59 ISWC2005Industrial Task Knowledge Based Retrieval for Service Relevant to Mobile User’s Activity 5
60 ISWC2005Industrial Automated Business-to-Business Integration of a Logistics Supply Chain Using Semantic Web Services Technology 5,7
61 ISWC2005Industrial A Semantic Search Engine for the International Relation Sector 7
62 ISWC2005Industrial Do Not Use This Gear with a Switching Lever! Automotive Industry Experience with Semantic Guides 7(ガイド)
63 ISWC2005Industrial The Concept Object Web for Knowledge Management 7
64 ISWC2005SWChallenge The Personal Publication Reader 5,7?,9?
65 ISWC2005SWChallenge DynamicView: Distribution, Evolution and Visualization of Research Areas in Computer Science 7
66 ISWC2005SWChallenge Oyster - Sharing and Re-using Ontologies in a Peer-to-Peer Community 3
67 ISWC2005SWChallenge The FungalWeb Ontology: Semantic Web Challenges in Bioinformatics and Genomics 7
68 ISWC2005SWChallenge CONFOTO: A Semantic Browsing and Annotation Service for Conference Photos 7
69 ISWC2003 Infrastructure for Web Explanations 5
70 ISWC2003 A Semantic E-Wallet to Reconcile Privacy and Context Awareness 5,7
71 ISWC2003 An Agent Framework for Inter-personal Information Sharing with an RDF-Based Repository 3
72 ISWC2003 An Approach for the Ranking of Query Results in the Semantic Web 8
73 ISWC2003 Integrating Structure and Semantics into Audio-visual Documents 7
74 ISWC2003 SCULPTEUR: Towards a New Paradigm for Multimedia Museum Information Handling 7
75 ISWC2003 Towards Ontology-Driven Discourse: From Semantic Graphs to Multimedia Presentations 7
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