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Data from Nara visitors bureau (sightseeing map)

This LOD is created by the work in International Asian LOD Challenge Day in Nara. Contributors: Nobuyuki Otomori, Rathachai Chawuthai, Yoshitaka Minami, Ryutaro Ichise, Fuyuko Matsumura, Fumihiro Kato, Koji Kozaki, Hiroyuki Sato



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#lang en
#attribution_name International Asian LOD Challenge Day in Nara
#file_name Model_Course_in_Nara
#property http://
#object_type_xsd string string:en string float float string string:ja
#property_context Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Assertion Gangoji Temple 34.6778214 135.8313036 元興寺 imanishi-ke shoin House 34.6769633 135.8340367 Jurin-in Temple十輪院 34.67633 135.8331007 十輪院 Naramachi Koshi-no-le Lattice Houseならまち 34.6750245 135.8307371 ならまち Fujioka-ke Jutaku House 34.383029 135.702821 藤岡家住宅 Gangoji Temple Pagoda Site 34.6766799 135.8313314 元興寺 Naramachi Monogatari-kan House 34.6770909 135.8306787 Naramachi shiryo-kan Museum奈良町資料館 34.6768909 135.830051 奈良町資料館 Koshindo Hall奈良町資料館 34.676565 135.829679 庚申堂(奈良町資料館内) Nara City Historical Materials Preservation House 34.6777436 135.829201 Nara City Meseum of Clligraphy in honour of Kasan Sugioka 34.677885 135.829207 Nara Kogei-Kan Craft Museum 34.67873 135.82824 Mochiidono Shopping Mall 34.680321 135.829162
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