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00001C00000000000001000005000000 Maruyama Zoo Japan's largest natural Zoo. Creative exhibitions continue with renewed 141.307417 43.051417 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku: miyagaoka 3-1 011-621-1426
00001C00000000000001000005000001 Sapporo tourism covered wagon Horse speed in Central Sapporo, forget the hustle and bustle relaxed travel 141.35171 43.060742 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Departure and arrival place Sapporo Chuo-ku Odori West 4-Chome subway Odori 5 exit 011-512-9377
00001C00000000000001000005000002 Sapporo hitsujigaoka observation Hill Made for the tourist attractions. Hitsujigaoka and Dr. Clark in a surprisingly common 141.394515 42.999068 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo toyohira-Ku hitsujigaoka 1 011-851-3080
00001C00000000000001000005000003 Jozankei Onsen-Hsi Hot Springs history and popularity in the beautiful valley. " Sapporo back parlor " continue to attract people 141.166672 42.966009 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Jozankei Onsen East 3 Minami-ku, Sapporo 011-598-2012(定山渓観光協会)
00001C00000000000001000005000004 Salmon and Chitose Aquarium Swimming salmon have a look here. Aquarium is located 10 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport 141.659429 42.833561 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Chitose City Park 2 Chome 312 " in 無料
00001C00000000000001000005000005 Sapporo salmon Museum To observe the river revived the toyohira River salmon impressed about the blessings of Science Museum 141.343231 43.001044 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, Shin pieces in the Park 2-1 011-582-7555
00001C00000000000001000005000006 Jozankei dwarf apparel aamu And strawberries, orchards of Sapporo where you can enjoy fishing and picking various fruit, such as cherries. 141.147673 42.934213 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Jozankei 832,, Sapporo-Shi, Minami-ku 011-598-4050
00001C00000000000001000005000007 Frontier Equestrian Club Riding Club enjoy beginners in Coast Trek 40 minutes, by car from downtown Sapporo. 141.380644 43.256858 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Ishikari-Shi Atsuta-Ku tawaa 165-3 0133-66-3858
00001C00000000000001000005000008 Wine Center, Hokkaido In the Canal city, Otaru, Hokkaido wine tasters while knowing the history and stories 141.002354 43.197203 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Otaru city color in 1-Chome 1-12, Otaru canal Terminal 1F 0134-64-5581
00001C00000000000001000005000009 8 Mt. tsurugi Winery At the foot of the 100 famous mountains in Hokkaido 8 tsurugisan BREW, the winery also tackle the environmental protection 141.23258 42.964114 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, kamitoyama 194-1 011-596-3981
00001C0000000000000100000500000A Bankei pass Winery To brew a small Winery wine culture to grow, yeast-free wine 141.283554 43.0356 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, Board-201-4 011-618-0522
00001C0000000000000100000500000B City Winery City Winery offers dining with Yoichi grape wine 140.792077 43.169067 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Cities and towns more than 1318 Kurokawa Cho ワインショップ、ギャラリー&アトリエ 0135-21-6161 カフェ&ベーカリー 0135-22-3375 余市ワイナリーレストラン 0135-23-2205
00001C0000000000000100000500000C Nikka Yoichi distillery. Landscape, reminiscent of the home of whisky distillery tours and Museum 140.788584 43.186844 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods More than cities and towns Kurokawa Cho 7-6 0135-23-3131
00001C0000000000000100000500000D Sapporo Fujino Winery Hand-pick grapes in unfiltered, brewing, wine is the oldest of three dreams 141.310532 42.960842 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Forest Park Golf course in Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, Fujino, Japan 663 Elk * 9/15/2015, restaurant next to the relocation plan 011-593-8700
00001C0000000000000100000500000E Oria Sapporo city's beloved 24-hours a day take specialty sandwiches workshop. 141.345791 43.049452 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Minami 8 Nishi 9-Chome 758-14 Chuo-ku Sapporo
00001C0000000000000100000500000F And I. Loved by Sapporo City, hand-made onigiri specialty stores. 141.351265 43.068335 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods See below
00001C00000000000001000005000010 Marmi coffee stand Nakajima Park Café Sapporo citizens to take a walk in the Park. 141.351291 43.041332 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo Chuo-ku, Minami 14 West 6-Chome KC Maple Court 1st floor
00001C00000000000001000005000011 Jade Green Park Sapporo Japan tea and original seats where you can enjoy the traditional Japan tea shops. 141.3583 43.05998 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo Chuo-ku Minami 1 East 1, 1 011-231-1500
00001C00000000000001000005000012 Maruyama Sakashita miyakoshi-coffee honten The opposite of Sapporo Maruyama Park. Store home-roasted coffee, dripp 141.315673 43.054119 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 2 Nishi 28 011-641-7277
00001C00000000000001000005000013 Sapporo Art Park the base of art spread to 40 ha of Woods and creation. Wakes the senses with the smell of green art 141.340148 42.939226 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art 75-Mori 2-Chome Minami-ku, Sapporo-Shi, art 011-592-5111
00001C00000000000001000005000014 Hokkaido Museum of modern art Pay attention to the art collection of the province's premier, located next to the Governor of Hokkaido 141.330413 43.060185 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art North 1 West 17, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-644-6882 011-612-7000(テレフォンサービス)
00001C00000000000001000005000015 Moerenuma Park Attractive season different facial expressions. Sculpture of Isamu Noguchi 141.431072 43.122541 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo Higashi-Ku, Moere-NUMA Park 1-1 011-790-1231
00001C00000000000001000005000016 Opens Arte Piazza bibai Sculptor of children attending a wooden school building moves his heart and Yasuda and natural pleasures and including sculpture park 141.911645 43.33292 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Hokkaido bibai Ochiai Sakae-machi 0126-63-3137
00001C00000000000001000005000017 The Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Professional Orchestra, which is based on the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara 141.352478 43.044331 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Concert Hall in Sapporo Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi Nakajima Park 1-15 (public foundation for the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra) 011-520-1771
00001C00000000000001000005000018 Black slide mantra One single art left by Isamu Noguchi Sapporo is a slide. Children play every day in the Odori Park 141.344374 43.059464 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Sapporo Chuo Odori Nishi 8-Chome ~ 9-Chome 011-251-0438(札幌市公園緑化協会)
00001C00000000000001000005000019 Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Diner while playing society travel stay good location, in the middle of Nakajima Park to eat too! 141.352478 43.044331 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, Nakajima Park 1-15 011-520-2000
00001C0000000000000100000500001A Hokkaido migishi Kotaro Museum of art Nestled in a wooded Grove garden, such as Atelier Museum 141.332862 43.061631 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art North 2 West 15, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-644-8901
00001C0000000000000100000500001B Sapporo Odori underground Gallery 500 m Museum of art the art works are lined with over 500 m. By using the station concourse Gallery 141.358965 43.061089 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art West 1, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Odori-Higashi 2-Chome (in the underground concourse connecting the subway Namboku Line, Tozai line Odori " and " bus " ) 011-211-2314(札幌市観光文化局国際芸術祭担当部)
00001C0000000000000100000500001C Sapporo clock tower Keep watch over the development of Sapporo every hour on the hour on a Bell sound when the city landmarks 141.353633 43.062598 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history North 1 West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-231-0838
00001C0000000000000100000500001D Hokkaido University It's motto is " Boys, be ambitious! Ambitious and historic campus filled with natural 141.347051 43.071459 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo-Shi Kita-ku, Kita 8 Nishi 5 011-716-2111(代表)
00001C0000000000000100000500001E Odori Park Park a well-deserved lunch and Sapporo city walk. Know the seasons with trees and flower beds, events 141.347214 43.059595 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo Chuo Odori-Nishi 1-Chome 12 011-251-0438
00001C0000000000000100000500001F Procell Discover the city of Sapporo on wheels, new bike cycle share 141.35205 43.059384 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Procell registration counter Sapporo Chuo-ku, South 1-Jo Nishi 4-Chome Hinode Bldg., 9th floor in the " drink " 011-242-4696
00001C00000000000001000005000020 Shiroi koibito Park You can see the manufacturing process of " shiroi koibito " sweets theme 141.271571 43.088732 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo Nishi-Ku, Miyagi Sawa-No-2-2 011-666-1481(白い恋人パーク総合案内)
00001C00000000000001000005000021 Sapporo satoland WH Petting animals and harvesting in a dirt-covered! Location in the leisure agriculture 141.414651 43.121988 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi Higashi-Ku, okadama-Cho 584-2 011-787-0223
00001C00000000000001000005000022 Sunpiazza Aquarium The only Aquarium is not facing both within walking distance from the sea both JR and subway Sapporo 141.471999 43.037176 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo atsubetsu-Ku atsubetsu Chuo 2 article 5-Chome 7 - 5 011-890-2455
00001C00000000000001000005000023 Sapporo Science Center Museum of science Planetarium with parents can enjoy and see, touch, and think 141.472265 43.036149 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo atsubetsu-Ku atsubetsu Chuo 1-5 011-892-5001
00001C00000000000001000005000024 AMUSE SPORTS (sports amuse) Jozankei, the toyohira River in canoes down the natural river. 141.166988 42.96629 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo Chuo-ku, Kita 4 Jo Nishi 6-Chome 1 day Sapporo Kaikan Bldg. 9F * Jozankei River Canoe rendezvous taro-no-Yu Highway 230 foot spa facilities. 0570-011-411(要予約、当日も可)
00001C00000000000001000005000025 Sapporo City Central wholesale market street market Large rally Hokkaido! If you pick up the products of excellent freshness 141.320888 43.070602 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 shops North 11 West 21, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-621-7044(場外市場中心街商業組合/9時~15時)
00001C00000000000001000005000026 Nijo fish market Market is over 100 years old, dashing seller's voice sounds 141.358506 43.058275 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 shops Sapporo Chuo-ku Minami 3-Jo East 1-Chome-Higashi 2-Chome 011-222-5308
00001C00000000000001000005000027 Governor posts in Located next to the Hokkaido Museum of modern art and the surrounding lush green Western-style walking spot 141.332186 43.060113 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history North 1 West 16, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-611-4221
00001C00000000000001000005000028 Triangle mountain Recommended for casual climbers in Sapporo. First prize-crust over top spot 141.2866251 43.0574177 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo City, Yamanote 011-211-2536(札幌市環境局みどりの推進部みどりの管理課)
00001C00000000000001000005000029 ・gotenzan Park Park General Park where you can enjoy barbecue and sports empty-handed, a former quarry site in Sapporo. 141.260273 43.047678 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-Shi, Nishi-Ku, Fukui 423 Street 011-662-2424
00001C0000000000000100000500002A Yurigahara Park Each season welcomes about 6,400 species of flowers. Recreational excursion trains through the garden park 141.3648186 43.1289484 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Kita-ku, Sapporo-Shi, Yuri's original Park 210 011-772-3511(百合が原緑のセンター 8時45分~17時15分)
00001C0000000000000100000500002B Maeda forest park Park half occupied by forest park. Symbol's 600-metre Canal and poplar trees. 141.256886 43.145947 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo teine-Ku, teine Maeda 591 011-681-3940
00001C0000000000000100000500002C Provincial nature park field nopporo forest park Nationally rare big city forest, there are remnants of primitive Hokkaido 141.500484 43.052599 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo atsubetsu-Ku atsubetsu-Cho Ono hood 53-2 (General Affairs Division, pioneer Hall of Fame) 011-898-0456(開拓記念館総務課)
00001C0000000000000100000500002D Moiwa-Yama National Monument and algae rock forest-covered mountains. Ishikari Bay and mountains views from the observation deck 141.325408 43.021796 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Fushimi 5-Chome 3-7 011-561-8177
00001C0000000000000100000500002E Hokkaido University Northern Biosphere field Science Center for botanical gardens UPS and downs of the earth remains in the Park's living specimens of 4000 species know the primitive landscape, Hokkaido 141.344723 43.063754 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo Chuo-ku, Kita 3-Jo West 8-Chome 011-221-0066
00001C0000000000000100000500002F Asahiyama Memorial Park A fantastic night view spread out ago your eyes. View point overlooking the Sapporo city 141.314076 43.039489 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks World River 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 011-200-0311(旭山記念公園管理事務所/平日・祝日10時~16時)
00001C00000000000001000005000030 Frontier Park Stroll road in the city. Flowers and art and waterfront trail 141.357812 43.057906 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks (Frontier-Dori) Chuo-ku, Sapporo Kita 1 Jo-Minami 4-jyo 011-221-4100(管理事務所)
00001C00000000000001000005000031 Ishiyama ryokuchi Play a unique stone quarry ruins of Sapporo soft stone land art 141.3416 42.969108 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, Ishiyama 78 011-578-3361(藻南公園管理事務所)
00001C00000000000001000005000032 Nakajima Park Cultural and historical monuments are scattered around the town feels familiar throughout the four seasons Park 141.354142 43.044464 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Chuo-ku, Sapporo Nakajima Koen 1 011-511-3924(中島公園管理事務所)
00001C00000000000001000005000033 Toyohira Park Just near the Metro station where you can enjoy walking around the gardens and greenhouse plants exhibit flowers and Green Park 141.379125 43.043295 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Article 5 13, toyohira toyohira-Ku, Sapporo 011-811-6568
00001C00000000000001000005000034 Jozankei Spring Park The birth of the founder of Jozankei Spa founded in 200 years. The Park also poached egg-no-Yu 141.163142 42.964902 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Jozankei Onsen East 3 Minami-ku, Sapporo 011-598-2012(定山渓観光協会)
00001C00000000000001000005000035 Sapporo Jozankei nature village Play summer and winter items, including a camping ground about 40 minutes by car from the city. 141.152258 42.931982 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, Jozankei (toyohira-Gorges Dam downstream forest) 011-598-3100
00001C00000000000001000005000036 Hiraoka Park Plum red and white Herald spring in Sapporo. Also feel free to nature in the vast park 141.4685109 43.0083131 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks 1-1 Hiraoka Koen, kiyota-Ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-881-7924(平岡公園管理事務所 9時〜17時)
00001C00000000000001000005000037 Lake shikotsu Experience the wild birds sanctuaries and fining shikotsu Lake blue 141.330872 42.776251 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Extra Springs, Chitose-Shi shikotsu Lake 0123-25-2404
00001C00000000000001000005000038 Maruyama Park Cherry opens up the forest as a natural monument, representing the Sapporo 141.309633 43.050881 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi, miyagaoka 011-621-0453(円山公園管理事務所)
00001C00000000000001000005000039 Hokkaido prefectural makomanai Park In the city one of the best fall foliage spots cherry blossom's stage of the battle on the ice of the 1972 Winter Olympics 141.34259 42.996858 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, Shin pieces in the Park 3-1 011-581-1961(真駒内公園事務所)
00001C0000000000000100000500003A Hoheikyo dam Environmental protection area of the National Park, the dam and scenic beauty of autumn nature 141.153374 42.915578 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo Minami-ku Jozankei 840 Street partners 011-598-3452(豊平峡電気自動車)
00001C0000000000000100000500003B Tenjin mountain landscape Rich and natural oasis for cultural exchange, the Sapporo citizen 141.364645 43.021255 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks 18-Chome 1 hiragishi, toyohira-Ku, Sapporo City, 2 Chome 16-17 天神山緑地:011-851-1681 さっぽろ天神山アートスタジオ:011-820-2140
00001C0000000000000100000500003C Mika kept Park Athletic facilities you feel four seasons in Sapporo and ski skating, people who Park 141.356896 43.08862 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita 20 article-North 22 East 4-5-Chome 美香保公園:011-789-4361(伏古公園管理事務所) 美香保体育館:011-741-1972(一般財団法人さっぽろ健康スポーツ財団)
00001C0000000000000100000500003D West Hill Park Diverse flora and fauna to protect water resources and forests. Less of an artificial nature sanctuary 141.377923 42.986759 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 nature-and-parks Sapporo toyohira-Ku, Nishioka 487 011-582-0050
00001C0000000000000100000500003E Former Hokkaido Government Office building (red brick building) Speaking of iconic symbol of Hakodate, Hokkaido Red Star wall building 141.347976 43.063944 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, Kita 3-Jo Nishi 6-Chome 011-204-5019(ダイヤルイン/平日8時45分~17時30分) 011-204-5000(北海道庁本庁舎中央司令室/土曜・日曜・祝日)
00001C0000000000000100000500003F Sapporo TV Tower Located at the eastern end of Odori Park, enjoying a panoramic view of 360 ° C 141.356564 43.061065 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo-shi Chuo-Odori Nishi 1-Chome 011-241-1131
00001C00000000000001000005000046 Chiaki's Hermitage Or buy souvenirs, we recommend long loved by Sapporo Head Office 141.35334 43.056999 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, South 3-Jo Nishi 3-Chome 17 011-251-6131
00001C00000000000001000005000047 MORIHICO (Morihiko) 3 cafés where you can enjoy delicious coffee and culture of Sapporo. 141.31849 43.053275 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods See below
00001C00000000000001000005000048 Sapporo City Hall basement dining room Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi, a set of recommended lunch spot 141.354399 43.062184 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, North 1 West 2-Chome City Hall 1st basement 011-241-6532
00001C00000000000001000005000049 Hokkaido food: HUG New attractions of Hokkaido produce shop and eatery, Tanuki-Koji 141.350478 43.057173 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Chuo-ku, Minami 2 Nishi 5, Sapporo (Tanuki-Koji 5-chome) Sapporo Plaza 2.5 Bldg. 1st floor 011-242-8989
00001C0000000000000100000500004A Shrin Happy people ushered in the Meiji era, and the development of Hokkaido development from the guardian watch 141.31012 43.053743 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku: miyagaoka 474 011-611-0261(北海道神宮社務所)
00001C0000000000000100000500004B Hokkaido Museum Hokkaido history and nature-culture gathered Hokkaido Museum 141.496761 43.053132 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo atsubetsu-Ku atsubetsu-Cho Ono hood 53-2 011-898-0466
00001C0000000000000100000500004C Historical village of Hokkaido A vast open-air museum also convey in Hokkaido of the Meiji and Taisho eras, 54 ha 141.497039 43.048192 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo atsubetsu-Ku atsubetsu-Cho Ono hood 50-1 011-898-2692
00001C0000000000000100000500004D Sapporo beer garden, Sapporo beer Museum Taste the fresh beers direct from the factory and studied at the only beer Museum in Japan 141.368937 43.071478 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Sapporo beer garden North 7 Higashi 9-Chome 2-10 Higashi-Ku, Sapporo, Sapporo beer garden in 0120-150-550
00001C0000000000000100000500004E Sake of the Sapporo Chitose crane Ties for the sake of Sapporo Chitose crane, sake tasting know 141.363927 43.058855 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 foods Chitose crane sake Museum Sapporo Chuo-ku Minami 3-Jo East 5-1, 011-221-7570
00001C0000000000000100000500004F Sapporo Miyanomori Art Museum 11/2012 a new building was opened. Museum of modern art's landmark is a mural of hope 141.3025146 43.0572611 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi, shrine forest 2 article 11-2 - 1 in the Mori Museum garden and the Temple of 011-612-3562
00001C00000000000001000005000050 Sapporo city archives " The old Sapporo appeal authority in Taisho 15 years building " a mirror reflecting the truth " inscribed on the wall 141.337448 43.058686 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history West 13, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 011-251-0731
00001C00000000000001000005000051 Old Nagayama takeshiro residence House of Hokkaido-Jo lived. Of Eastern and Western architectural styles 141.364501 43.065866 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 2 East 6-Chome 011-232-0450
00001C00000000000001000005000052 Hokkaido University Museum Free publishing scholarly articles in Sapporo's first full-scale reinforced concrete buildings, 10000 points 141.342233 43.072395 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history North 10 West 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-706-2658
00001C00000000000001000005000053 Two farms of the Sapporo agricultural college In the birthplace of Western-style agricultural and dairy farm in Hokkaido, Japan. Dr. Clark envisions the design disciples 141.340045 43.082069 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history North 19 West 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-706-2658
00001C00000000000001000005000054 HONGO Shin Memorial Sapporo Sculpture Museum Emotions spilling over from the carved heart tugging, quiet, passionate art gallery 141.296003 43.055531 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Forest 4 Jo 12-Chome Chuo-ku, Sapporo city 011-642-5709
00001C00000000000001000005000055 Nestled Cafe Gallery enjoying Hokkaido art, architecture, food 141.381208 43.080675 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 art Sapporo-Shi Higashi-Ku, honcho 1-Jo 1-Chome 8-27 011-785-3607
00001C00000000000001000005000056 Tsing Hua Ting Western design aristocrat of the Meiji era. VIP reception for 130 years ago, is still the same 141.343725 43.06877 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 history North 7 West 7, Kita-ku, Sapporo-Shi 011-746-1088(警備員詰所)
00001C00000000000001000005000057 Takino suzuran hillside Park Park a huge waterfall also streams, forest flower, play, four seasons is always fun 141.387007 42.913505 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi Minami-ku, takino 247 011-592-3333
00001C00000000000001000005000058 WILD MUSTANG's (wild Mustang) Jozankei it's riding in the orchard at the foot of Mt. tsurugi 8 near the 141.236948 42.964792 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi, Minami-ku, kamitoyama-114 Street 011-596-5040(要予約、当日も可)
00001C00000000000001000005000059 SappoLodge (Sapporo age) If you like the outdoors here. Guest houses in Sapporo as a mountain guide. 141.359359 43.055386 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, Minami 5-Jo East 1-Chome 1-4 011-211-4314
00001C0000000000000100000500005A Guest House waya (wayâ Guest House) Guest houses in bar karaoke, snuggling up with sesh, Sapporo City fun. 141.370938 43.053418 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo toyohira-Ku, toyohira 2 article 4-Chome 1-43 070-6607-0762
00001C0000000000000100000500005B HOSTEL 365 SOCIAL (social hostel 365 days a year) Guest House unique service between Sapporo and tourists. 141.345556 43.053406 2015-12-22T15:41:10+09:00 recreational Sapporo-Shi, Chuo-ku, South 5-Jo Nishi 9-Chome 1018 365 Bill 011-206-8569
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