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What is a mysterious station such as Yamaoka and Watano, A train station located in a place away from the people Although it is a designation that I pointed to, The more difficult the place is, People feel attractive there, I will also be motivated by the desire to reach. There is almost no daily user in the unexplored station, Because stations and their routes are often abolished, It also tends to decrease. Therefore, by utilizing open data, By making a mysterious station ranking for all stations, Will it lead to the discovery of new value I thought. 【Confidentiality degree】 Population structure and tourism resources of RESAS API Utilization, the one with a small number is judged as a secret border. 【atmosphere】 Station building, waiting room, surrounding buildings etc. Make an old history feel. We acquired the start time of the station from Wikipedia, It was a high score as old ones. 【Train Difficulty Level】 There are very few trains to stop, Difficulty to reach the mysterious station by using the railroad. Count up the timetable in the nationwide We are totaling. 【External reach difficulty level】 It is the highest when there is no way to the station, Then only sidewalks, unpaved forest roads, It is hard to reach by car or motorcycle. By the distance from the unexplored border station to the nearest road We made it as the criterion of judgment. 【Railway Heritage Index】 Switch back, loop, lead-in line, There are railway remains like ruins tracks. Ruins Search map abandoned rail · List ruins of railway station Scraping and creating a list. Whether there are old facilities nearby We made it as the criterion of judgment. ※The following is the item contents of the created data. Prefecture code (pref_cd) Prefecture name (pref_name) City code (city_cd) City name (city_name) Railway line code (line_cd) Line along line name (line_name) Station code (station_cd) Station group code (station_g_cd) Station name (station_name) Latitude (lat) Longitude (lng) Address (add) Population (population) Number of passengers (passenger) Number of trains (train_cnt) Number of tourist resources (resource_cnt) Unattended station flag (mujin_flg) Waste station flag (haieki_flg) Hazard degree (hazard_degree) Atmosphere Difficulty reaching train (difficulty_reaching_train) External reach difficulty (external_reaching_difficulty) Railway Heritage Index (railway_heritage_index) Overall assessment Remarks · Overall rating (remarks)




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