Link and Publish your data

to the Linked Open Data Community

Step 1

In step 1, create a template to make a data table for the first time.


1. From the

Input Table Data menu


Create Template File
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2. Create table data template and download screen will be displayed.

First, for the 「Overall table data setting」

enter values for,

·File Title


·Contributor of this table

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3. After you enter each item for the overall configuration of the table,
please specify the Number Of Columns in the table.

※ Please specify a number of one or more.

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4. When you specify the number of columns,
the input form for Table Column Configuration
and the Download Button will be displayed.

This input form is used to set the characteristic for each column of the template file.

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5. The first column is automatically set as the Subject.

After downloading, please enter either a URI (an ID, beginning with http://) or label (a string)
in the first column of the template file.

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6. The second column and after are for setting Object columns.

Enter or select the properties to be set for these columns.

If you select a property from the pull down menu, please refer to the note displayed on the right.

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7. If you do not find an appropriate property in the pull-down menu, you can also type your own.

Please enter a string or URI.

(It is recommended to input using alphanumeric and underscore "_".)

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8. After entering the values, click the 「Download」
button to download the template file in Excel format.

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9. When you open the downloaded Excel file, the template file settings have already been completed.

In the template file, red cells are for Subjects and blue cells are for Objects,
representing the completion of the table file.

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10. In the final action of step 1, please input your original data into the appropriate columns.

Then Save the file with a unique name, to preserve your template file, as well as your file with original data.

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