Link and Publish your data

to the Linked Open Data Community

Step 2

Step 2 uploads the table data created in step 1.


* You must be logged in for this step.

1. To Login, select
Convert to RDF to display the Login page.

Please select the account you want to use to log in to LinkData.

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2. Please enter your account information according to the dialogue.

(The figure shows an example of when you select Facebook.)

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3. After authentication of the selected account, the dialogue box will close and the account edit screen will be displayed.

Please enter each item and click the Register button.

*Account name and e-mail address are required.

When you complete account registration, your user page will be created.

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4. After Logging in,
when you select
Convert to RDF from the menu, the table file upload page will be displayed

To upload, please click the browse button to choose a table file or drag and drop a file into the table area enclosed by the dotted line.

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5. The upload confirmation dialog will be displayed.

If there is no mistake in the file name, please click Yes.

Note: If there are any problems with the content, an error message will be displayed.
Please modify the table file according to the error message.

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6. The Convert to RDF Dialog box will appear.

Please click the Create new RDF work button,

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7. The new RDF Work registration screen will be displayed.

Please follow the instructions on the screen, and enter the information for each RDF work to be registered.

*Registration details can also be changed later.

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8. After entering each item,

Please click the Register RDF Work button

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9. Information for the registered work and uploaded file will be displayed.

Please enter the version and select the license, and click the Register button.

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10. The RDF conversion procedure is now complete.

When you click the Show work page link,

you can see the public page for the RDF work that was registered.

*It may take up to an hour or even a few hours for RDF files to become available for download.

*If an RDF file cannot be downloaded after more than a day, please upload it again.

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